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While tax law has an impact on every aspect of commercial life, it is also becoming increasingly highly technical. Tax considerations often dictate the form of a transaction. Now, more than ever, the complexities of modern business arrangements call for a more sophisticated and customized approach to tax services.


Tax Advisory

Tax Planning

Tax Structuring

We are made up of a dedicated and energetic team of tax, accounting, finance, and legal professionals who are driven by the excitement to deliver innovative solutions to what are often complex domestic and cross-border tax problems.

We offer a full tax service.

Our transactional and advisory services are responsive and always fully integrated with the legal, financial, and regulatory aspects of the relevant matter. We combine a high level of technical and structuring expertise with commercial awareness to assist our clients on their most challenging transactions and assignments, thereby ensuring our clients achieve their unique business objectives.

We direct our energy and resources exclusively to the delivery of tax solutions which require the highest standards of technical excellence, commitment as well as flair and commercial acumen. We assure our clients of a tax service that is responsive and seamless.

Through our high level of analytical ability, combined with our deal structuring expertise, we are able to offer our clients a top quality service in a very efficient manner. We have the technical capacity and flair to meet our clients’ demands on all fronts, and find a solution to any problem.


Corporate and Structured Finance Transactions 

Our expertise in taxation and familiarity with diverse financial instruments enable us to deliver tax-efficient advice and execution services involving corporate and structured finance techniques.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Reorganisations

The tax implications of mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganisation transactions are invariably complex, and while a corporate deal might make commercial sense, it must also be tax-efficient to avoid unsuspecting and often prohibitive tax costs. Often, these transactions require the performance of a tax due diligence.

We provide our clients with an integrated tax planning service which thoroughly addresses the complexities inherent in these transactions.

We work with our clients to:

Devise fresh technical and workable solutions

Identify tax risks and benefits associated with mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganisations


Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, Spreads, Collars, Floaters

Derivatives products are very useful in allowing one to simulate the outcomes of a commercial transaction without actually entering into the transaction itself. Derivatives play a valuable role in modern domestic and international financial markets by transferring the risks associated with owning an asset, but without requiring the actual ownership of the asset.

While derivatives have traditionally served as very efficient hedging instruments, they offer great potential as useful tax planning tools.

Our familiarity with the nature and general uses of derivatives products, combined with our expertise in taxation, places us in a prime position to:

Assist our clients in the development of financial products and financing techniques involving derivatives

Address any tax risks inherent in the use of derivatives in commercial transactions

Advise our clients on the use of derivatives as efficient tax planning tools

Cross-border Finance and Corporate Arrangements

Doing business on a global scale involves having to deal with the multi-jurisdictional tax complexities involved in a firm’s cross-border operations.

Globally, firms compete for profits and constantly seek ways to reduce their worldwide tax burdens. Likewise, national governments compete for tax revenues and are keen to preserve or broaden their country’s tax base. These competing aims often create tension between firms operating on a global scale and national governments.

We assist our clients in reducing the tax risks inherent in cross-border transactions, thereby allowing our clients to achieve their cross-border commercial objectives tax efficiently.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax law is becoming increasingly technical, more complex and dispute-oriented and, despite efforts to the contrary, frequent revisions to the country’s fiscal laws and ever-increasing compliance burdens increase the scope for uncertainty and disputes with the tax authority. This is a reality of commerce everywhere.

To reduce the prospect of long, costly and time-consuming litigation, we:

Very readily engage in dispute resolution with the tax authority on behalf of our clients to speedily resolve investigations into tax structurings and other disputes

Handle tax challenges from the tax authority on behalf of our clients right up to finalisation of assessments

We provide our clients with top quality litigation support where, despite attempts at resolution, the dispute ends up in Court.


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